Thank you very much for tuning into our first blogpost! 

To explain the origin story of LUBIS EDA`s, we need to take a small trip back to 2015. It all started, when I was reading a fellow PhD’s work on Path-Predicate Abstractions (PPA), looking for inspiration for my own research. 

The work of my college was focusing on establishing a sound abstraction of an existing RTL design by using formal properties. At that time, he was working on the idea of using the abstract model as a starting point for a top-down hardware design flow (ESL to RTL). In parallel I was supervising a software programing project that focused on teaching Test-Driven Development (TDD). 

Suddenly, it dawned me: Why not combine the principles of TDD with his research? We called it Property-Driven Development (PDD). Similar to TDD, the goal is to have the properties prior to implementing a design. This serves as a guideline, a basis of ‘truth’, for the designer and forms the basis of our first product idea LUBIS Veritas.

Fast forward to today. We came together as a team. We continue to apply agile ideas to hardware development, leading to completely new types of products.  LUBIS EDA products lead to a faster time-to-market, less development costs and correct-by-construction RTL designs. 

Our vision is to become the first EDA company that provides the tools required for a true shift from waterfall to an Agile Hardware Development.