LUBIS-on-cloud white paper

The AI-based EDA platform for efficient formal verification.

Formal verification is a must-have for you to find simulation-resistant and corner-case bugs in high-risk IP blocks. However, you may face:

  • A lack of experience or training
  • Increasing design complexity 
  • High infrastructure cost constraints 

That is when cloud-based automated formal verification can help you increase productivity and gain confidence in your design while keeping the control of your resources.

LUBIS on cloud is our AI-based, plug-and-play EDA solution designed to help you adopt formal verification with:

  • Zero IT: No need for your own IT infrastructure
  • Zero headache: You focus on fixing the bugs found in the design, nothing else
  • Zero change: Seamless integration of our solution within your verification flow

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From this introductory white paper on our LUBIS-on-cloud solution, you will get:

  • An understanding of the challenges of formal verification
  • An overview of the LUBIS-on-cloud solution with its impact and benefits
  • A walkthrough the different steps of the process
  • Case studies
  • An idea of the future vision and next steps
Cover image LUBIS-on-cloud white paper