Many companies create virtual prototypes of their desired hardware systems. Usually, these models are used for architectural exploration or for early software development. However, these models are rarely used as golden models for design sign-off.

Why are people not using the faster, more abstract models for functional sign-off?
Simply, because verification results do not translate.
We are about to change this!

The first step to this change is LUBIS CONCILIUM.
By combining it with LUBIS PRIMIS or LUBIS VERITAS you’re able to ensure a sound relationship and thereby use your existing high-level model for sign-off.

Why should you use LUBIS CONCILIUM?

  • Allows sound modeling of your VP
  • Up to 100x faster than RTL simulation
  • Helps you refining your existing models to a sound model


  • SystemC framework
  • Designed for modeling untimed message passing
  • Tool support for assisted creation of your LUBIS CONCILIUM from an existing SystemC model
  • Extended synthesizable SystemC