Build quality microchips from bug-free silicon designs

with automated verification that helps you improve your productivity and bring confidence in your design

76% of ASICs require 2 or more respins

Bug escapes are so costly. Your time and budget are limited. Be part of the 24% that go for first silicon success.

For this you need two things. First, make formal verification an essential piece of your verification strategy. Second, optimize your verification efforts through automation.

We are LUBIS, your formal verification automation expert


projects completed in 2023


bugs found on average on already traditionally verified blocks

We help you find simulation-resistant and corner-case bugs in high-risk silicon design or IP blocks. Our automated formal verification methodology is unique. Whether you hire us to verify your design or you choose to do it yourself, you get a high-quality formal Assertion IP (AIP) that helps you build bug-free silicon designs for quality microchips.


Ready for bug-free designs?

DIY your formal verification with LUBIS-on-cloud, our scalable AI-based EDA platform using our unique LUBIS App builder technology. This is your way to go for first silicon success, stay on budget and stick to your tape-out schedule


Need support or done-for-you formal verification?

Whether you want to level up your formal verification skills or you have a custom design with special needs, we are here to help. We provide formal sign-off as a service and formal verification training to give you the confidence you need in your design.

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