LUBIS EDA solutions

Automated formal verification for increased productivity and confidence in your design.

LUBIS on cloud, your EDA platform for efficient formal verification


Combine design IP and verification IP with no traditional overhead and make swift changes without digging into manuals.

Plug and play

Select the verification app you need and start verifying. No training or tool setup required.

LUBIS on cloud is your automated and scalable verification flow for efficient bug hunting in high-risk blocks.

  • Upload your IP to the cloud.
  • Let the software take care of the verification.
  • Read the reports.
  • Fix the design.
  • Repeat until sign-off.

Cloud-based verification apps for AI, ML, automotive and more

We use the LUBIS app builder to build the verification apps that you need at CPU and SoC level. Simply select, configure and run the app for your project.

Not seeing the app you need? We constantly add new verification apps to LUBIS on cloud  and provide consulting services for custom design special cases. Get in touch with us and we will see how to best support you.

Made easy for you and your team

Running the LUBIS App builder, our proven verification software

The LUBIS App builder is our in-house software based on modern methodology. We developed it for you to DIY your verification efficiently but we also use it in our sign-off consulting services. That is how we have been able to complete 50+ projects and found an average of 5 bugs on already traditionally verified designs, providing our customers with high confidence in their product.

High Quality Verification IP
Exhaustive Bug Detection

The App builder enables us to generate readable and formal-friendly standard SVA assertions from executable abstract models.

Get your answer

Absolutely, integrity and trust are key. We do not give access to any of your IP to the outside world.

The LUBIS EDA solution is accessible through a web-based interface. No need to download anything.

Yes. We can deploy our solution to your cloud. Simply reach out.

Have more questions? Ready to DIY your formal verification?